Get your appointments on your cell phone via calendar.

Yes! This feature is already available in all android cell phones but most of the users are not aware. I have been using it for last five years and need not keep my appointment dairy with me. It has been very useful to me while I was working as CoE in University of. Mumbai. My secretary would enter my appointments in her computer and I would get notifications before scheduled time on my mobile phone. Still today it is useful to me for managing my tasks as a Registrar of YCMOU. Everything from holidays, appointments, to do tasks etc are entered by my PA on his computer and are visible to me on my mobile. I am stating simple steps to configur below.
1) If your office email and personal mobile emails are different, add office email (of course gmail) to your Google account. 
i) Go to settings in your cell phone
Scroll down to accounts, select other accounts


ii)  Touch other accounts Press + Add placed at bottom.

iii ) Many accounts will be displayed select Google account.

[Image 98.jpg]
iv) Add pass code. A text box will be viewed. Add your office gmail address here. Ex-

[Image 99.jpg]
v) click next , enter password and complete the task. Now new email {office) is added to your mobile.
vi) Go back to other accounts select Google., All Google account will be viewed there. In my phone I have 3 google accounts as displayed below.

[Image 100.jpg]
vi) Select newly added gmail account.
v) A new screen with various google apps will be displayed.  Select caLendar, contacts, gmail  the data starts sinking in.

[Image 101.jpg]
vi) Now all data from both accounts will be in your mobile. Mails from both gmail accounts will be accessible here . Same with calendar.
2) Setting Up Calendar in the desktop of your secretary.
I) Go to Google Calendar on the desktop. Before that you will require to sign in the google account with office gmail address.
ii) Go to the date and time on the calendar. Double click to add the event. Select notify me time duration as per ur requirement. (1 to 24 Hrs)
iii) It will be the job of secretary to add your events.
3) Viewing Events on your mobile.
Go to Google Calendar on your mobile. The appointments will be displayed on calendar. Please check below my appointments for the month of January. You can add appointments from here also.

[Image 102.jpg]
4) Another facility to get ur daily agenda on your screen is Google Agenda Widget. Widgets are visible by long pressing left hand bottom button.
I) Touch widgets.

[Image 103.jpg]
ii) Widgets will be displayed.

[Image 104.jpg]
iii) Press and pull the schedule or agenda Widget on your blank screen. Similarly you can pull the calendar on your blank screen of cell phone.


Agenda Widget


Calendar WIdget
IV) Now daily the upcoming events are available on your screen.

Writting Hypothesis for the Research.

Hypothesis is an essential part to address the problem of research work . Hypothesis should be a scientific hypothesis. Scientific means it can be tested with existing methods.Hypothesis is the predicted answer to the research question. It may go wrong after conducting the research. Hypothesis is a testable statement of problem or phenomenon. Hypothesis  involves at least one independent variable and other dependent variables for testing. Independent variable is that statement which can be concluded using dependent variables. Depended variable are the known processes, statement or values.Thus hypothesis is a statement that states observations, phenomenon or scientific problems that can be further tested by observations, experiments or investigations.

Definitions of Hypothesis
ƒ “A hypothesis is a conjectural statement of the relation between two or more variables”.

ƒ “Hypotheses are single tentative guesses, good hunches – assumed for use in devising theory or planning experiments intended to be given a direct experimental test when possible”. (Eric Rogers, 1966)(Kerlinger, 1956)

ƒ “Hypothesis is a formal statement that presents the expected relationship between an independent and dependent variable.”(Creswell, 1994

To formulate a hypothesis-

  1. list the research question/s.
  2. List the dependent and independent variables (statements)
  3. Define the scope
  4. Predict the outcome of the research work.
  5. Formulate the  hypothesis covering above aspects..


  • ‘In response to use of green technology for sustainable development and cheap
    housing, Bamboo can be a competent feasible alternative to steel reinforcement in cement concrete members

In the example above scope is described by ‘use of green technology for sustainable development and cheap housing,’

Independent variable is bamboo as reinforcement in cement concrete members.

Dependent variable is steel reinforcement in cement concrete members.

The out come of the research work may be true or false.


  • ‘Workers satisfaction in Life Insurance Corporation increase work productivity’
  • ‘LED lights consume less energy than CFL lights’

How to calculate weighted CGPA?….Dinesh Bhonde

A note for CBGS Programmes of Universities and Autonomous Colleges

In grade point evaluation system, the  grades  are awarded depending upon the performance of the candidate in  the particular course on the specified scale. Grade Points are obtained by multiplying grade by credit. Credit is nothing but the importance implied to the particular course. Generally, in India credits are related with the teaching learning hours allotted for the particular course in a week. Grade Point Average is the sum of all grade points divided by sum of all credits obtained in the examination. Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) is the average of Grade Points obtained in all the examinations (terms).




Grade Point (GP) = Grade (G) x Credit (C)—–(1)

Grade Point Average (GPA) = ∑(GP) ÷ ∑C —–(2)

f= GPA weight factor

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) =  ∑ (f x GPA) ÷ ∑f—–(3)


Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) = ∑ (f x GP) ÷ ∑ (f x C)—–(4)

Example: For 5th semester CGPA

CGPA= (GP1xf1 + GP2xf2 + GP3xf3 + GP4xf4+ GP5xf5) ÷ (f1+f2+f3+f4+f5)

In the example stated in the table, the f is same up to 4 semester (0.2), hence CGPA will be the same as calculated for normal CGPA without any multiplying factor.


View WhatsApp on your Computer/ Laptop.

Yes you can browse your WhatsApp on your computer or laptop. It is amazing to watch big images and text from  your laptop screen. Just follow the procedure below.

  1. Type in your browser windows or Click Here. Following page opens…


2 Open Watsapp on your mobile phone.. Touch settings, a drop down list appears.watsappSettings3, Touch WhatsApp Web from above list, the QR  Scanner appears. Move your mobile towards the rectangular dotted picture (QR code) of the web page on your computer. (Page shown in Sr No. 1) and scan the QR code.


Screenshot_2015-08-28-01-14-184. The WhatsApp opens on your laptop! Now message from your laptop. Check the full pictures or text the messages from this BIG Mobile.

WhatsApp on Computer


Beware: your movement is recorded.

If  Location reporting on your android instrument such as mobile phone is turned on, your location history is recorded. You can track your movement for the previous days.

For Android Mobile, Check whether the location service is turned on.

Go to

Settings-Personal: Location-Google Location Reporting- Location Reporting-On for this device, Location History- On

S1 s2 s3

How to track location history?

1. Click the link below

2. A page with your location history is opened.


3. Select the date from the calendar on left hand side, the date on which you want to track your location.

4.  I select the date 25th Oct 2014  and 1 day  from the combo box, I get my movement on that date.

5.I moved from Arvi to Nagpur as shown in the map on 25th Oct 2014.

6. Move the cursor on the graph below to get location at particular time.

7. There is a small arrow button at left hand side bottom, just press it to get your motion display.

8. You can select 1-30 days from left hand side combo box and click the date on calendar above to get your movement during that period.

It is a good feature by Google and no one can track it as it opens with your Google (Gmail) login only. You need not keep your travel records, Google is at your service!

मोबाईल हरवेल, फोन नंबर जतन करा !

Google 2: Protect your phone numbers in Android Mobile.

Google has done a great job for us. You need not worry if your mobile phone is lost. All your phone numbers are protected. Its needed to check whether following options in your mobile phone are on.

How to

1) Open Settings- Accounts- Google of your Android phone. Click Blue icon Google.

Google Settings

Google Settings

2) Just check whether Sync is on. Touch the email address, 


3) Following screen opens. Now all your contacts will be synchronize with your GMail Account. Your phone numbers will be safe in your email account on the cloud.


——————————————————————- link:

मराठीत लिहा: Google Deonagari Input for Android Phones

Google has made it easy for android mobile user to write in Hindi or Marathi.  Google has provided the text input methods with keyboard and phonetic type. What you have to do is to type in English like mumbai, nagpur etc you will get output in Marathi or Hindi (Deonagari script). More over Google phonetic language understands English spellings such as cut, train and all it writes the pronunciation.

How to?

1) Go to Google Play Store and search Google Hindi input


2) Download and install above application

3) Now go to settings of your android phone.Open Language and Input (available under PERSONAL)

google settings

4) Tick Google Hindi Input. Touch Default and make Google Hindi Input as a default.


5) Go to WhatsApp or any where you want to type.

6) open the keyboard and just touch button near ?123 marked as aअ


7) Use phonetic keyboard it will look in English but will type Marathi as mentioned above.

8) Don’t touch next button having picture of earth, it shows and type in Conventional Deonagari Keyboard

Go back to old Gmail Compose Box

Gmail has recently introduced new compose box. At the top of your compose boox, there is a link. ‘Try out new compose experience’. Dont press the link, the experience is very painful. The new design is confusing and less user friendly. Minimal design, invisible tools, sticking to right hand side of your screen, no movability make me panic using it. With a such large screen of Computer why such minimal design? How to swich back to earlier one? Option is hidden in riight hand side of task bar menu. You are trapped in google maze. Google You too! Make better and user friendly designs Dont give such new experience. Other wise users may switch to other email accounts.

Any way, I have searched out how to go back to earlier compose box. Accidently if you have tried and caught up in new design, you can opt following way to get out of trap.

Very painfful experience

Very painfful experience

Just click the down arow placed at right hand side bottom corner.

Click temperory switch back to o;d compose.

You are now free. Never click the link of new experience again!!

-Dinesh Bhonde 1/5/13 12:30 am

My Bamboos blossom and die!!! — Dinesh Bhonde

This is a photograph of Bamboo Flowers at Government Polytechnic, Nagpur premises. Such opportunity to snap bamboo blossom has come at least after 48 years. Bamboo blossoms after 48 to 120 years. All plants of the same stock flower at the same time, regardless of differences in geographic locations or climatic conditions.

Life ends

The bamboo plant ( Actually it is grass) dies as it blossoms. See photograph 2,  the bamboos are broken from middle portion after flowering.

The lack of environmental impact on the time of flowering indicates the presence of some sort of “ALARM CLOCK” in each cell of the plant which signals the diversion of all energy to flower production and the cessation of vegetative growth.This mechanism, as well as the evolutionary cause behind it, is still largely a mystery.

It is observed  that bamboo flowering and seeding of bamboo forests is followed by disaster, epidemic and famine.

In NE India people believe it is a God’s play against human misdeed.

The mass fruiting  has direct economic and ecological consequences also.

Actually,the huge increase in available fruit in the forests often causes a boom in rodent populations.

As the number of rodents increase, they consume all available food, including grain fields and stored food, sometimes leading to famine. These rats can also carry dangerous diseases such as typhus, typhoid, and bubonic plague, which can reach epidemic proportions as the rodents increase in number.